Don’t blame the government, corruption is a reflection of who we are

Lately, I’ve been pondering deeply on an issue that’s seriously crippled not just our country but other nation states in the world. The cancer of corruption, as some scholars, or politicians call it, is currently trending news in our TV sets as well as the social media. From spending nearly 8 million just to open a Face Book account to buying a bar soap for thirty thousand shillings… Dear Lord, kwani what is it washing? Even the blood of Jesus that washes sins from red to white ain’t that expensive. In fact it’s free and more effective.  These are just a few cases of corruption that my tired mind can think of right now, lets just delve into something more serious.

If I can trace back, from the Kenyatta the father epoch to now the son, Kenya, according to the corruption index in the year 2012, ranked 139th out of 176 countries for corruption. It was tied with countries like Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and Nepal (woi do I even know where this country is)? Further, it is estimated that the average Kenyan mtunguyaz pays 16 bribes a month. Though they may be small figures, there are also large bribes that are daily exchanged. Those are  the shocking statistics that I fished somewhere in the net, don’t know if they are true or not. Hope that they assist me drive my point. LOL

And while we blame the government for not putting it’s feet down on the issues of corruption, we are to blame for what’s happening to our beloved motherland. Like the blog’s topic, corruption in many nation states does not just reflect the status of the government but a failed citizenship and more so, a failed family structure. Remember, our leaders are all Kenyan citizens. They are our brothers and sisters, our former work mates, school mates, some even our parents worse, our grandparents. At one point or another, we have interacted with some of these people. At one time, they showed you their interest to save the nation from destruction and make the world a better place. Then something happens to them once they step into office. Some strange mystical force that operates in political offices that I have never understood. You see a good man get corrupt all at once. What he criticized, he has now become and is escalating it to the next level.

Corruption commences with you and me. It begins at home, when a father diverts his salary to a chips funga and lies to his wife that he has not been paid for many months. It extends to the little boy who steals sugar from his mother’s jar and wipes his mouth so as not to be caught. I remember doing that. I would level the sugar so well so that my mum does not notice that something was a miss. Now I know better, so my little Jabali won’t fool me on that one LOL..It goes to siblings who fight for their parent’s attention and may even go to an extent of killing each other just to remain with the material possessions,things that they will die and leave on earth. It’s in the eldest sibling who’s a bully and thinks that dominating others is the surest way to prove that they are in authority. It’s in buying a banana and eating it all alone without considering your other siblings in the house.   It’s in the little things that grow to become big things. They may look like  weird examples, but beware of the small foxes, they spoil great vines.

I begin with the family because that’s where all the drama is. If our families were strengthened with great values and norms, if our children had fathers who trained them and gave them character,then I believe the world would have great leaders. For the leaders come from us, the fruit is never falls far from the tree. As i write about this, I think of the many times we lie in our workplaces of expenses never incurred. I recount one day helping someone sign fake receipts which they never used.

“Hurry up, so that the cash comes out by the end of the weekend.” “I have a great plot which I can’t miss by hook or crook.” she said a little bothered by the fact that I was taking my sweet time trying to forge a different sign on each receipt.

If I link this story with what is happening now, of MPs faking their travel expenses and earning over 250, 000 per week, I then have evidence to reinforce my argument that corruption is not far from us. That what we are praying and complaining about things that we have the power to change. That  we are the change that Kenya is waiting for. Of course I repented after that, and for many other things which i did after that that are tied to this. I’m still not there yet, but at least am conscious of the fact that while I rant on Face book and newspaper editorials on how corruption is rampant , I am partly responsible of what’s happening. That when I get home celebrating the evil I have done while my child is listening, am training him/her that  what I have done is right. And he/she will grow up and do the exact things that  I complained about. And it will be my fault, not anyone else s. Corruption ni wewe na mimi (Corruption is you and me).

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