shut your mouth if you can’t keep your word darling!!!


Has someone ever promised you something and then failed to do it? How can you describe that feeling?Horrible, right? Especially when you were banking on that word with all your heart and soul and your focus was on it. Then bam!The idiot just decides not to do what they said. Worse is when they never send you a memo that they will no longer be able to deliver as promised. Men, the world is full of cruel people. By the way, happy new year guyz. Welcome to this year’s first blog.

One of the hardest thing to find is a man or woman who can keep their word. It’s super hard that even in the Bible Jesus asks whether when He comes back again, He will find faithful men around. Start from the politicians who promise a million and one things and end up not doing even one once they get into power. Sometimes I think it’s hilarious how we spend an entire day in the hot African sun trying to vote in people on the basis of what they promise not on what they have done for us. Stupid ha! the worst part is when we recycle the same leaders who lied to us in the previous elections. As long as they come repackaged with empty promises and something small to grease their hands, we reward their misdeeds! C’est a triste affaire! A poor man’s wisdom is his own destruction.

I know we are starting a new year and we have all these dreams and goals to achieve. I am startled when I see how ecstatic people get when a new year arrives. Suddenly a new energy arises and they feel like the can take over the world like Tarzan or Superman. By the way, I really miss this cartoon, does anyone of you have a series? I would really appreciate if you lend me one. Just hit the inbox on how I’ll find one lol.


How I wish that amongst all these promises and goals people will decide to keep their word. I want to challenge people to do this. Is there a friend you promised that you’ll help out with something?is there a child you promised that you will buy them a present once they become number one and now they ask you for the present you decide to go mteja on them. Shame on you a million times. Anyway, we had crazy parents who promised just anything to make us work hard. I remember I was promised a grand piano if I ever topped class. I did, not bragging at all, however, I never saw that piano up to this present date. I have now decided to work hard, save as much as I can and fulfil my dream. Nitawesmek my friends, kindly give me psyche!Soon, I’ll show you my achievement. But that’s besides the point.

I want to drive home that words have power especially in relationships. Have you Mr. man promised a woman somewhere that you’ll make her your wife and then backed off after wasting ten years of her life? Shame on you! So how do you expect that woman to move on and start her life all over again? Do you know how many people she said no to holding on to your stupid vain words that you’ll marry her? And you Miss, did you promise some guy vain hope only to ditch him after getting a better looking guy or a hand some person? It’s sad to see couples say their vow at the altar promising to love one another till death do as part only to divorce after one year of marriage. Let me not go into the details of how much they spend on their wedding budget! I wish people would know how dangerous vows are especially when they say them at the altar in front of God and a multitude of people. The Bible says that watch your steps when you enter into the house of God, be not haste to say anything before Him if you know that you won’t keep your word at all.  If you know Mr. Man that you won’t be able to hold your pants, please don’t promise that beautiful girl that you’ll do it till death do you part. And you baby Eve, if you know that as soon as that guy’s cash is gone you’ll hit the road don’t walk down that aisle.People think that cheating is just okay and they may not know the repercussions of saying such vows at the altar. Am only  trying to help you not make the worst mistake of your life.

Try  adding phrases like  please help me God before any promise you make. Only God can help you keep your word. It’s not easy to stick to one person all your life especially when you married young and you were confused. Then now you realize that the guy or woman you chose does not match any of your aspirations or goals. But remember you made a vow and you must keep it. As hard as it is, thats life. Now am not saying this because am perfect and I know what am doing. I don’t even have the authority to write about it. It’s something that am working on in my life too and I know that God will help me shut up or keep my word before I say anything. Start with a few words, slowly you will be able to stand strong in this. Words can hurt, words can heal, I think that this is one of the reasons why horrible things happen to people because God never takes your word lightly. The devil doesn’t either.




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  1. Well written Harry. You need to cut humanfolk some slack though. Many times people promise stuff they actually don’t understand at the time.

  2. No I don’t have that cartoon series 🙂 ……….But what I have is a thumbs up for strong finish.

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