Dear ICC: A sincere letter from a concerned citizen

There is a time for everything. A time to be born and a time to die. A time for peace and a time for war. At least the good book says so. I believe that today is a day of peace so I choose to empty out the contents of my heart in a letter. this is after viewing very serious contents on TV. The letter is addressed to the ICC and to all the other interested parties who will choose to read, comment, critique, like, applaud..the list is endless, you have an option to add your category, right there in the comment space below.

Dear ICC,

First, I want to congratulate you for the great job you are doing for Africa. At least, by the look of it, you have tried your best to ensure that our innocent citizens are protected from the cruel hands of our authoritarian leaders who by the way got elected by us, through democratic means. I am a staunch follower of the proceedings, may be, I don’t know where I fall as there are some who are completely engrossed in the proceedings. I on the other hand, have a life and can consider doping many other things like reading, watching series, working instead of wasting my time on the case. Yes, the ICC case.

Since this letter is addressed to you concerning this case, I want to get straight to the point. I know am a woman and women like going round and round in circles before they tell you exactly what’s in their mind. My tired brain cannot allow me to do that today and my burning heart cannot permit me to sleep with such heavy content embedded in my heart. This is my point. Let our president go home. Since this is a law discourse, I will present my strong reasons as to why this ought to be so.

First, you have no evidence against that man. As crude as this may sound, I know deep in your hearts, you are saying yeeessss…can we just let this man go? The guy has erased all the evidence that could nail and make him spend the rest of his life in jail. He has money. He calls the shot. Who would dare raise up against such a man? Furthermore, without security. Be serious. Some people would rather be IDPs forever than live in fear of their lives. that to me is called being safe.

Well history has proven that man has a weird habit of always standing for evil and letting go of the good. Even in the bible, this happen. This is law my friends. Consider that case. The entire nation cried out that Barnabas should be let loose while Jesus, the innocent man should be killed. Not considering that the guy raped their wives and sisters, stole their stuff, didn’t give a damn about their lives. In the present times, we could say the guy who stole your new android and the one who pigad you mangetaz (beat you up, is it? lol). Yet the opted to choose him instead of some nice neighbor who always fed you when you went hungry. How ironic. My mum always says that the world is full of trickery, and trickery this is ICC. Africa will always choose it’s thieves instead of it’s saviors.

I sometimes wonder whether that’s why history and all that archaeology stuff traces the African man to the apes ICC?Kindly don’t be offended if you are not the ICC but one of the critics or just a first time visitor to my blog. For real, our IQ is matched with that of the apes and animals. How else would you explain the fact that we can wake up early in the morning and be scotched by the red hot African sun just to vote for thieves and some so called wanna be leaders? Did you see them masquerade their foolishness outside your court?Oh My goodness, am even embarrassed that those are the people we have gladly crowned as honorable in our beloved country. Dressed in those stupid, insulting T shirts which by the way, were printed by the tax payers, the stupid apes,for lack of a better word, unashamedly paraded their foolishness infront of the whole world in the name of defending the president. They say that Africa is broke, but we were able to finance over 100 member of parliaments to the Hague. Talk of using so much money, to go and do nothing and say nothing. I don’t blame them ICC.Don’t either. After all, some of them have never stepped in an airplane or gone overseas. Sisemi kitu (I can’t say anything). I digress.

Lastly, dear ICC, you should drop that case for this last reason. The IDPs are satisfied to live in their mud thatched houses, and feed on the left overs fit to be a dog’s meal or something. I know this sounds harsh, but can you imagine that while you are burning the mid night oil looking for the perpetrators of PEV, some have the audacity to say let go of the cases. that man is innocent. You guys are lieing. Such stuff. I know, just like me your blood is terribly boiling. Me thinks that you should let this case just continue for the sake of your pockets. Si you fellows are being paid cash to do it. And besides it not being ethical, you can really gain a lot monetary wise after all this holla balloo. After all, we are sovereign right? The thought of that statement makes me laugh myself silly. Picture this, your five year old girl coming to you and saying, give me my rights for am free to make decisions. the little girl, is still feeding on cerelac, wears diapers. is still living under your roof and above all, eating your food. MMhhhh…sovereign ha!I know what you would do.You would take a cane and whip some senses into that crazy baby. Or at least, thats what I’d do. Considering that in your country there are those right things and that even a small kid can tell you crap  and later on take you to court, I wouldn’t be surprised. But that’s besides the point. Just let that damn guy loose.

Your truly,

A concerned citizen of the Republic of Kenya.

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6 Comments on "Dear ICC: A sincere letter from a concerned citizen"

  1. Africa will always choose it’s thieves instead of it’s saviors… Well said Doe, well said.

  2. True True, they can’t prove a thing

  3. They can’t and will never prove anything despite the fact that thetruth is well known..thanks for the support 🙂

  4. ohh really…..i kinda kubalia_na with number three the most cause it has been more than 5yrs. if they really wanted to do something about their status, they could have-the fact that they have remained suit shows they are contended with the conditions.

    bt nice read nonetheless

    • hahahahah..thats true..imagine they said on tv that they have moved was really sad to hear that…anywayz thanks so much for the read 🙂

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