Dear Foreign donors..I really pray that you get this mail as you are Google searching


There is nothing that is so cruel on earth like being poor. Poverty, I believe, is not just a curse but the devil himself ruining the lives of many. The Good book says that the poverty of a man is his destruction and the wealth of a rich man is his high tower. You see, even the Bible itself warns of the consequences of poverty. I wonder where some of these people who try to associate poverty with Christians get their evidences. In another verse it says that a poor man lacks friends, that even his brothers run away from him. Could that be the case with Africa?That our so called poverty has driven us to the point where the people who we refereed to as brothers are running away from us and giving us ridiculous conditions in the name of human rights on how we ought to run our affairs? Its true, the poor bows before the rich, but in this case I’ll say like Teacher wanjiku says…arama ya dukuduku. Oh how I miss this woman. She used to make my Sundays. Could someone forward her my salamz for the weekend and tell her that am still her number one fun..Urgently and seriously. I need her back on the screens!

Thats just an ice breaker. Back to my beef. I have a bone to pick with these so called foreign donors. In fact I’m so on fire that I have decided to write a not so nice letter to them. I would request Google to kindly ensure that the CIA and the US intelligence gets this letter ASAP as it is more deadly than Osama’s bombs and grenade. They have really crossed the line this time. So here’s my letter:

Dear Foreign donors (I have opted to categorize all of you people as you are many but the bottom line is that you are all foreign and donors)

First, I want to thank you for the number of times you have come to the aid of Africans when we were stranded bila cash wondering where the hell are we going to find any to sort out our many problems. Don’t even mention the fact that all the problems  in Africa are as a result of your activities down here. You see it as a place of adventure where you can carry out your numerous experiments on the so called ‘baboons’. It is no wonder you don’t want our wars to end, you till want us to die of hunger and corruption. I recall from my history class how you managed to assist most of these buffoons who are in power so that you could have your way. And because you were so powerful, they got in and wrecked our beloved continent. Some of us rioted against them leading to the coups and military dictators who also turned out to be no good. You wrecked us on a serious note.

Let me refresh your memory a bit. Let us go back way before time when all these nonsense of aid began. Before our fresh minds knew what the hell aid was. We were quiet, minding our own business, with our so called kings and our skin clothes. With your stupid curiosity you came and tried to civilize us making us abandon our tradition which according to you, were evil. We were stupid, sorry to say. Oo, not all of us, but some of us who opted to collaborate with you guyz. And for those of us who didn’t give a damn, you took us straight to our maker with your so called sophisticated machines. You already set in motion an oppressive system which up to now will never die in Africa. You left us in debts as managing us was not easy. The rebellion plus the wars against yourselves that you were fighting. So you ran away and came up with this grand plan that made us pay your debts in the name of aid. You wrecked us.

And now here you are again with your conditions. Again to make us see that our traditions and values are not modern just like before. Only that this time, we are a bit wiser thanks to the so called education. I wish you would just have left us, without educating us and making us go to your so called schools. You would have had an easier time convincing us that your nonsense is better than ours. You are the ones who brought Christianity in the name of civilization. I am a Christian as well.  And there is no where in the Bible where God made Adam and Steve together. Only Adam and Eve. I opt to use Christianity as my basis of argument as you came to our land and told us that our traditions were backward. Now I throw your same tradition at your face to tell you that according to your traditions, gay marriages do not exist. Unless you have some of your scientists who have come up with another constitution. I don’t know. But it doesn’t. it is against the human rights principle to force someone to do what you want simply because you want your way out. I call it witch craft.  I’m sure you don’t want that title brand. It sound horrible but its the truth. You have violated us much more than you think. We have just opted to remain silent and let history or the god that you showed us to worship judge you.

In short, homosexuality is gross. Am sure none of you would want to hear that your children are involved in it. Or even your brother, close friend, if that is so, don’t force it on us. As much as the poor bows before the rich, kindly respect our boundaries, and we shall respect yours.


Yours truly

A very concerned African.


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  1. So are you against homosexuals?

    • No.I believe that the people are not bad…it is because they do wrong things, thats why they are given the names that they have..e’g a thief will be called a thief because they steal which is wrong…and when they change, they are no longer called that…in this case, a homosexual is called that because they engage in homosexuality which is ungodly…when they change, they are no longer called that, ..thats my point of view..

  2. Good points. It was hard to read though because of all the grammar and atrocious spelling mistakes. Learn the difference between am and I’m.

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