Octoppizo……I agree with you Sir on a few things…BUT!!!

I announced that I will be writing about this guy based on the interview he did on Furahiday night with Lillian Muli. Frankly speaking, I was impressed at how this guy has managed to climb up the stairs of success to become one of Kenya’s finest musicians. One part of his story that moved my heart to the point of crying which I never do except on very very painful circumstances is how he never had shoes. I swear at this point, I went to my room to kiss my many pairs of shoes that lie there awaiting my decision to be the next in line for service. You know how many times we complain, (when I say we, I mean girls for the purpose of this blog) of the shoes that we want, of the stuff that we need. Here is a man that always lacked shoes. And now he has many. From the way he spoke,  it seems like he has a lot. Like Oprah’s or Maria Carey’s shoe rooms. Have you seen them?Stacks and stacks of shoes all over, neatly arranged, with many types to choose from. Jesus, when will that day come?When I have a wide range of boots, and stilettos and flats and other one…you know them, I know you are reading and quietly telling me the kind of shoes you would want to see in your closet. However, I have realized that sometimes we desire things that when they come, we have no need for. Has this ever happened to you?You borrow a book, you finish it very fast. In fact faster than any cheetah running for a deer to make a meal. However, when you gladly use your hard earned money to buy the book, you always end up not reading. Am sure some of your books are eating dust on some shelf or in a box somewhere. You are not alone. I too have that problem.

Back to Octopizzo. Another thing that impressed me is how he always goes back to Kibera where he was raised to remember the former days. Not many guyz do that. Some want to forget it like the waters that pass by. Its called amnesia. The worst is when they treat other people in the same condition with contempt and arrogance. Don’t catch this my friend. This is the beginning of destruction. At least the guy has handled that part well. Then comes the part with the haters. My goodness, leave the guy alone. You were not there in his sad days so why shout just because you think he’s bragging or is proud. And why shouldn’t he? That is the result of his hard work and prayer, if he does pray or believe in prayer. From the way he was talking, I think this was out of the question. He said something like his daughters always praying for him and bla bla bla….This I’ll talk about in the next paragraph. My point is this. Leave the man alone. Let him be proud. You know how it is to wake up and dream of the day that your secret desires manifest. Do you know how much strength it takes to step out and be who you were called to be?Do you know how much strength it takes to be strong enough to endure humiliations from people, insults, rejections, disappointments from people and circumstances. Do you know what it takes to believe in your self against all odds?If you do, answer me on the comment box down there. If you don’t, shut up and keep living. You haven’t started living until you can die for something..Selah…

My last paragraph is a but ending. Despite the few nice things I have said, I still have a few issues here and there. First, Octopizzo, I know I can’t influence your beliefs and anything but not all churches ask for money. Tithe is the money you owe God for taking care of you all the days and giving you all that success you are bragging about. Don’t you pay the bars that you go to for drinking? Don’t you pay barbers for having that mysterious triangle that is on top of your head?The naked truth , I don’t buy that crap about samosa thing. You know what you are hiding. Anyway, its not my business to judge you. You’ll account for it one day. And the sun glasses, didn’t you have to pay for them to have them? And they are also mysterious…Man, you are strange?Why do you do things that make you strange like that.. Kindly remove them one day so that we see your eyes, whether ugly or pretty, let us judge..That’s no reason to run away from God. I know Christians do strange things. I am one of them, I know myself. you are too and you have your own share of baggage. But maybe you are the different Jesus that people want to know about. God is real. As for the children, kindly be a good ambassador to men out there in advocating for one man one woman. We have enough children out here, who are bastards because of men like you who don’t care about women. You just want to sell fun without responsibility. Which is a blatant lie.


I loved the interview. I love your story..Though, a lot of strangeness was in the air…a lot of mystery.


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  1. you got me at “…Man, you are strange” but have to agree, the guy aint bad

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