My dear Kenyans…….listen to my sound words of wisdom ..very interesting

I woke up this morning grateful for many things. First, I was alive, next, I am safe, third I have a job to report to (though to be honest this last thing I can say I have been in between, some days giving thanks and pother days complaining so please help me God. I know am not alone in this as you too have some of those days when you either don’t want to wake up or there is too much stress at work). For today a thankful for it. At least I wont be driven by idleness to be at uhuru park trying to get a view of baba while he’s talking. Speaking of this, I have to jot down a few things I don’t like about this whole saba saba thing. I am Luo. I love baba very much though I take no sides with anyone when it comes to political matters. I believe political leaders are as flaky as the waters and if you peg your life on them, you’ll have a heart attack. Its the highest level of stupidity when I see people calling each other names and killing each other in the name of a man who doesn’t give a damn about the food you eat, your security, where you’ll take your kids to school, you work, education know all those things that you need so stop waiting for me to help you notice that they don’t help you at all. I have driven my point home. These guys don’t care about us. Can’t you see that? Okay let me help you if you are still not convinced.


Since our dear president came into office together with his deputy president, did they invite you for lunch? Did they pay your kids school fees?Did they put body guards at your doorstep to guard you every single day?Heelll noo..They went around giving their families and tribes seats and positions. It is those close to them that benefit not you a common hustler! Let me turn the tables around, ever since the former prime minister came into power did your life change?Did you get a new TV set, with some fridge full of yummy food inside?Gosh, I miss food. You know am writing this blog, and I am damn hungry like a wolf. I can eat someone right now. Pray it’s not you LOl. Back to my point. None of these people have the right to point a finger at anyone as they have all failed. They are all the creators of the mess that we have in the government and in our country. They have all been or are in government at one point in their lives and they had all the abilities to carry out the change. But noo, they opted to do or are doing otherwise. Kindly don’t be blinded. I know its very tempting but don’t be. We are the grass. We are the ones who suffer when these people fight. They will fly away in their expensive planes and take their children to London and Europe or the neighboring countries. There, they will be treated as dignitaries , sleep in hotels and watch while there as our country burns into flames. Where will you be?A a refugee somewhere in Dabaab as your torn pockets cannot help you afford a better life in a foreign status. You are just a common man. Nothing much will happen to you as you are not a citizen there. So think wisely my friend think wisely.


I am not saying its wrong to support anyone. No. I am saying be responsible. Liking someone doesn’t mean that when he does something wrong we sit back and fold our hands simply because he is our own. heeell noo.. We voted him in and he has to listen to our demands. He has to accomplish everything for the good of our nation. Regardless who it is in power, he is accountable to us the citizens. When we will see that we are the ones who have the power?When we fail to say what’s wrong, we give another person the power to trample on us simply because they belong to our tribe or our religious affiliation. This is terribly wrong. The future of our nation is entirely in our hands. Instead of calling leaders names like another one that I read last night on tweeter. Dear Lord, I couldn’t believe that that word came out of a mature homo sapiens walking and breathing g on earth. How could you say that to an older statesman?Do you know this is what we did to our former president Moi and look what it brought us. Chaos. Up to now we have not recovered from the mess that those insults brought us and you still want to go down that path? I know you may have a hate towards someone. I do too. But kindly lets have some respect. And that will come back to you. Lets stop the arrogance. Simply because your leader is in office doesn’t mean that one day another will not be up there. It doesn’t give you a license to insult and abuse other people. God is watching, and you will be surprised to find out that the person you insulted is the one who you will need up there. Let’s maintain peace and harmony.



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