A letter to Mututho..I kindly hope that you will read this, it will encourage you Sir!!!!


Dear Sir or Mr Mututho (Frankly I don’t know which one seems appropriate coz you were once an honorable with those EGH or something like that titles). Kindly advice šŸ™‚

Ref: Humble appeal for you to leave safari sevens or masaku wharever alone

Following your recent comments on masaku sevens and how people behaved like Sodom and Gomorah, I want to take this opportunity to thank you first for taking note of the path that our generation is taking. Honestly, it is a dangerous one and since everyone is in the business of writing you letters, let me forward you mine as well. I hope it reaches to you. I hope it puts a smile to your serious face that has earned you the name ‘no nonsense.’

It is so sad to see them behave as if life is all about that, partying, sex and more sex and more nudity, showing some flesh you know. Its the trend now. Haven’t you seen the videos?They say that sex sells nowadays. Thats why you see all that nonsense those photos that you saw flying around the Internet didn’t bother anyone. They are Ā willing to stone you for just being a concerned grown up much more a honorable man. So many of our so called honorables don’t Ā care about this. They are out there looking out for their interest. They are seeking cash to buy Ā houses, cars and even pass bills that will make them be able to have their mpango wa kandos as their wives. Nkt..At least you have not had these scandals. IĀ hope that there is none underground as I seriously hate surprises like those ones. So if no one is supporting you, know that someone someone recognizes your efforts and more so why you are so concerned. You have experienced the pain. You know the consequences. That’s why you care so much. God bless you sir.

However, I want to relive you of your burden. I know that its a noble cause you are after. Even God knows you have tried Sir. You have really tried. The alcoblow thing has minimized accidents on the roads. People don’t see this. But know that one tiny winy girl someone is seeing and recognizing your efforts. This is regardless of the ramblings of people everywhere that it is not working. They just want to party and live life. Thats what they say. But we will not tolerate the idea of people dieing on the roads because of their irresponsibility. No way. On this one I totally support you. Don’t worry, I have got your back covered.


This last statement that you issued is the one am worried about. Sir, Kenya is not a high school. Kenya is full of grown ups who despite their stupidity think that they know too much to run their God forsaken lives. Ā Its true, their lives are just empty. That is why they do all that nonsensical stuff and call it fun but go home back to their problems. Back to the emptiness. Back to their messes. You can’t blame them Sir. They know not what they are doing. Even Jesus said that. They don’t know what they are doing. They are blinded. Ā Thats all I can say. And you can never make a blind person see unless you are Jesus or a witch and you raise a magic wand to make them see. This blindness is more serious than the natural one. So Sir, even God had limits. He gave us choices. He made us see that choosing the good life is the best path. However, they have chosen their path. And if you attempt to block their way, they will always find a way. Haven’t you heard that where there is a will there is a way? They will find it. I know you have heard stories of young girls who were locked up in their father’s houses but somehow found ways of meeting their boyfriends. Then they got pregnant and their father wonders what the hell happened. Rules were just made to be broken. The short story was to help you know that. The best thing, is to do whatĀ God did. He said, I remove the rules. He empowered them to make the right choice. I chosenĀ to talk to you in this religious toneĀ as that is how you have set it. Moreover, am just giving you evidences of why you ought toĀ rest as God did on the seventh day. šŸ™‚

So Sir, do not blame it on their parents who maybe gave them much freedom, or on America and their damn movies, or on Ā lack of employment or on the government or on whatever, it is an individual choice. Despite all this, God said, enjoy your youth, but they will account for the choices they made, they will face their consequence and carry their burden. Well done Sir.

A concerned citizen.





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