Socialite my foot…get a proper life!!!!

The other day, my friend, Ben, wrote a very disturbing status on face book which I thought I should share about. He said and I quote:

‘I will say this without fear of contradiction:this SOCIALITE nonsense is an epidemic that only sweeps the lazy,promiscuous and dreamy eyed 20-something year old girls who want to live like queens without putting in the work!Come off it – your mothers braced the morning cold and forsook many pleasures to raise you… that is OUR way – the African way,so forget any other wayward way!’

I agree with him totally. Forgive me for sounding preachy but I believe that we are seriously getting way overboard with this socialite nonsense. If you think am exaggerating, well the latest photos of Vera’s sister will make you understand how terribly we are failing as a society when it comes to curbing this entire issue. Is it that poverty is driving us to the extreme points of making ends meet or is it that our self esteem is slowly diminishing at our very face? Its really sad, that despite the fact that these people think that its their life, we are really affected by it. One day, my little girl will wake up and see these images on TV while am on vacation or doing business. At that time, I envision having established a number of them everywhere and maybe being in a conference with well established personalities all around the world. Yet, despite of all this, I shall ensure that I am keen on the welfare of my children. For example, make sure they have done their homework, they are on top in school, they are all round, they can blend with almost all people in the society, bold, affectionate, compassionate all that crap…Above all, they have a strong fear of God. This is what will help them fight anything in life. Being a parent is not easy especially in this our crazy generation. I can only imagine what my poor daughter and son will have to face when they reach teenage hood.

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Anyways, that was not the story for the day. I am  still trying to wonder what drives such intelligent, beautiful, talented women to do the stuff that they do. Is it the society’s fault?Listening to Beyonce’s song, pretty hurts really tends to answer some of the questions I have..Yes I do listen to some of these songs as long as they have a message, I do listen. Not these crazy music that have come about in the name of hits. The naked truth is that the songs suck! Worse is when you are forced to listen to them while on route home in a matatu and you just desire peace and quiet. Woe unto you when they decide to put the loudest volume not realizing that instead of bringing enjoyment, they are terribly bringing annoyance to my soul. One time, someone literally went to the driver’s seat and unplugged the radio simply because they had refused to shut down the volume. I was so happy, you would have thought that I won a lottery!! The music was vulgar and yet this guyz thought that it was entertainment.  Serves them right!!!

Okay, I seem to be drifting alot when it comes to writing this blog. I wonder whether I will drift so much that the point am trying to drive at will be diluted. Of course not. In her song, the great musician Beyonce states that perfection is the disease of the society. We are all trying to fix something that cant be fixed when its our soul that is in need of surgery. I totally agree with this. Whether its greed, or the need for money or a desperate soul in need of attention or peer pressure, I think these people need alot of help. You hear how some of the talk and you wonder whether they require psychiatric assistance. As for me, I always feel like throwing a shoe right at their face so that some sense can get into their head. I feel for their desperate mothers and fathers who have sacrificed all their luxuries just to take their girls to school only to discover that their children are no longer studying. They are out showing the world just how endowed they are physically speaking. To these parents, education is the key to their daughters finding wealth and a great job in which they can be able to support themselves and of course return back the favor they had received. Unfortunately, life sometimes is not fair and they have to deal with the raw deal that they have gotten. I seriously pity them. Kindly socialites, get a grip of your life. Your past will haunt you one day when you least expect it to do so!!! Astalavista baby!!

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