Five things I have sworn never to do..I think you should too that why I shared this!!!!

There comes a time in life where one just decides to do things differently. I mean, I have those moments where I wake up and decide once and for all that there must be change. The naked truth is that some of this life defining moments come after a series of experience that open your eyes to know that changing time has come. I have adamantly refused to take this path again.I hope you do too.

Path number one, I will never ever try to be something that am not. Yesterday night, I was watching a movie where this chile was trying to impress a guy with great vocabularies to prove that she was this intellectual.  She began saying that she was from Britain, and that her parents were over there and that she was only here for holidays. The worst part was when she began insulting the hotel they were in and mentioning the big hotels which she has never entered and praise the great food that they prepare. I almost slapped some sense into the guy who was with her. I was seriously shouting loudly at the man who could not her me see the irony in the entire situation that the girl had a weave that was so cheap, it looked as if it was recycled again. It’s called love. My brother almost threw me out of the living room as I was disturbing his and the neighbor’s peace. Eventually, as my predictions were, she was caught red handed. The sad part was that the guy loved her the way she was and was willing to marry her and get her out of th ghetto life. I really don’t advocate for women to look for men to be saviors however, women and also men, be yourself. I have realized that when you are yourself, the right people will show up, you will live  a stress free life and moreover, you will never have a sleepless night.

Path number two never ever try to please people. Have you ever tried to do stuff for someone to notice and eventually it all back fired on your face, or you didn’t get the right response? I need some haleluyah from you people. I feel dry writing alone with no one to confirm that I am not alone in this journey called life and its lessons. Lol. People are flaky. Never rely on them. I have learnt to do stuff because I have the passion and the heart to do it and more so for God and the benefit of all humanity. To be a blessing you know. When you seek this first, the rest of thing will follow. I have noted that even in marriages and relationships, don’t try to please your husband or wives. Love them because you do love them without expecting them to return. I know you want to shoot me and ask so what’s the purpose of relationship if I am not getting loved and appreciated. Well, if you get into any relationship with the desire to gave, you will always get, pressed down shaken together running over…You know the verse don’t you?Its just that maybe you may not know the exact verse..Join the club, I also have forgotten. But, I think it was a Sunday school chorus or something. Life is an echo, whether you know it or not, what you throw out will always come back to you.

Path number three, I will never ever complain. The naked truth about this path is that am still trying to get my feet together and not do it. Lord, its hard. Its hard to watch things happen without uttering a single word. Its hard to watch someone take advantage of you and comment but simply give thanks..What? I want to slap the hell out them in most instances. The truth is that there is always something to learn in every situation. Complaining is not something to be taken with a pinch of salt. Its detrimental and may result in a number of issues that I don’t think I have the energy and strength to highlight. I am tired. I just want to say this thing and pen off. Maybe I’ll give you some homework to check whether you have understood the subject or not. It not good for you. Period.

Path number four, never ever keep a grudge with people. This is hard. As you can see, the nearer I am to number five, the harder the commandment become. I am trying to best to resolve stuff with people on time. It is good. The worst heart disease is when it is filled with bad things that people have done. Its so irky and robs your peace and all that stuff. You know it coz like me you have been there, hating and swearing never to talk to some people. If you find yourself in this position just know that you have failed to believe that payment is here on earth, and that the people hurting you will reap what they sowed. Believing this is comforting, it like running to a safe haven.

Path number five…I will talk about it extensively on my next blog!!! Love you guys


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