the difference between us and them….world cup season is here!!!


The world cup season is here happy people and boy are some men excited and some women mad. As for me life remains the same thank God. Going back home after work, watching my favorite soap opera as per kawa. Single hood is beautiful as I have the monopoly of running my life the way I feel like provided that its a way that is not taking me to hell. I pity married women, though there are times I long to be married and feel the warmth of a man’s grip telling you that its going to be okay and you know all those other things that I would not mention in this blog but leave them for your mind to guess :). Jesus, it’s a life of perpetual sacrifice to a man who maybe doesn’t care, come back home late smelling horribly like the devils urine..yakh! And maybe he has peed on his dirty trousers after falling down in a ditch full of sewage. And as a humble beloved virtuous wife you have to clean up the mess. Seriously, some men really try our patience..However, I sometimes blame the stupid women who made the uninformed mistake. And don’t say life happened, you saw and thought about where you were going and made love the supreme judge over your destiny..Sometimes common sense is real sense my friend..


Okay back to my story. Sometimes being a writer is hard. You have to explain a lot of unnecessary things for the benefit of the listeners..You make me do this you people, you and your crazy curiosities of what I think about many things..You make me travel the hills and mountains just trying to get one simple point across. Well in this case, I just want to reveal the difference between us and them. I know you are just wondering who the hell is us and them. Well, its very simple. It men and women. It was through an unforgettable experience that this entire story came about and it was through this that my eyes opened to a whole new reality. We are very different. Us and them. So now, my friend, (names withheld) tells me that she had a heated argument with the love of her life. Of course, bouts do happen it just depends what you are fighting about. It might be how to squeeze a Colgate tube or how to comb your hair some stupid stuff like that. In this case, they fought because my dear friend thought that she was not getting enough attention from her beloved. Well according to the man, he was at least sending her I love you texts twice a week, with some no emotion dead flowers..You know, a few things to show that he loved the girl but it was not enough. Here is when I knew that we are different and its best when we understand our differences for better cooperation.

We, women love attention, love chocolates, love hugs, love kisses, love one million sms telling us how we are truly loved. We love to matter in a man’s life because we were created to relate to people and everything round about us. Men on the other hand love work, work , work. Thats all they were created to do just work. So my dear men, when you see a girl paying a lot of attention to you, its because they were created to do so. Though I must agree, sometimes we go overboard but its not in a bad way, its our nature. We nurture stuff that we are given unlike you people who just don’t care about anything. Think about your mum. Your mum is concerned about everything and anything in the house and is always concerned about you. Or am I saying my own things here? Am sure am not. The data here is surely researched and verified as true evidence lol. Men love competition because it related to work. Women do not. Women nurture things. they are concerned about something especially when it will lead them to connecting to you. This is what men don’t get. They see a woman do stuff and they just think that he is out to compete against them or stuff like that. Another thing is that women love to talk. We love conversations a they connect us to people and stuff. Well, men don’t. They get annoyed when a woman sends a million and one texts just asking how they are. Women don’t do that. Learn from my foolish mistake..Lastly, when a man says he is fine, he is fine. For us women, well, fine is a million and one issues ruminating in our minds and we just want you to ask and listen and tell us its going to be okay, you know all that stuff..Anyway, to cut the long explanations short, a balance is necessary if any relationship is to flourish…Thats the difference between us and them.

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