Take responsibility, your unthoughtful actions are not our business

The word responsibility has really been neglected or for lack of a better word been dumped in the dustbin by many people. Allow me to give you the dictionary’s definition and it means a state of being accountable for your own actions or something that is within you power or control. Nowadays people, including your truly moi don’t want to take charge of actions that they themselves have brought. Its starts with small matters like littering the street with a wrapper that you are supposed to throw in the bin..then to big matters which I will discuss below..



Number one, don’t you just hate it when you get those endless smses of someone’s wedding especially when that someone is only your friend when you are convenient for them?Say Amen if am not alone… I know am not alone. I know deep down in your heart you are screaming, God, I always prayed that someone would highlight this one..Well, your Messiah is here. On a serious note, I hate those smses. I would chip in if the person in question was my friend.  Not to say that am wealthy and am not laughing, stuff happen but I request if I have never been your friend then , let me not be your friend now. Your event will  leave me broke and once it is over you’ll even forget that I exist. then we head back to square one where I am begging to have an audience with your highness..No way Jose!!!Carry your own cross.. and its called responsibility. Call us even if its a mandazi and soda, we shall gladly celebrate your wedding with that. Just my opinion.

Number two. Guys who borrow cash repeatedly. When I say this, I don’t mean those good guys who something just happened and they are broke, I mean those irresponsible guys who party all night long till their salary runs dry and then come and ask for cash..Seriously?  Try saving a bit, budgeting or looking for another job you know. And the worst part about these guys is that they spoil your name once you don’t give them cash for some reason like lets say you are also broke like them…they will tell everyone how stingy you are and how now you have began growing wings simply because you have money. My friend, this is Nairobi and here we do our best to survive to thrive. God for us all. Take charge of your life and call me for coffee too, I will gladly accept the invitation.

Number three. Men who dump their girlfriends after making them pregnant. These are the worst breed. they think that they are hyper sexual creatures with an exceptional sexual prowess that must be shared with every Nancy and Mary that exists..Ooops..sorry if that is your name, just using it as an example to expose this shameless act. You are idiots and disasters awaiting to happen. Can you imagine planning for a budget that ain’t yours simply because some irresponsible fool left your friend or small sister (kwa mataa) hanging. Yes, we also take the share of blame but why lie to an innocent person that you love them then leave them hanging and you know very well that it is your baby. You leave bastards in the society. Children with no fathers. they grow up with daddy issues, fill up our prison cells, girls become raped here and there, others refuse to marry because they don’t want to experience the hell that you put their mothers into..Have you calculated the cost of your irresponsibility or you think its as easy as telling a woman bye I don’t want to see you again. Gosh, I feel like a Jaluo anointing is one me. the one that comes upon Gor funs when they loose a match. I want to throw a big stone at you and hit your face so hard that you come back to your silly senses. men like you should be taken to eternal hell, where the fire is scorching hot and you are constantly reminded of the sins that you have done. However, life is it Isaac Newton, or who who said that the earth is round.. Gosh I don’t know, correct me in the comments will you please ?Your actions will catch up with you. It will be too late. However, the damage is too grave a you are contributing to the existing sick society that some of us are  trying so hard to bring healing to.

Well,hope I have not sounded so harsh though I have to if this nonsense has to stop. Anyways, I think I need to exhaust this topic so a part two is coming very soon, sooner than you think….



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