When is the right time???

My friend and I were discussing the other day on just when is the right time to be in a relationship. She was giving me a story of how she had to wait for many long boring days for her guy to make this one major decision about her. Frankly, this is just me trying to cover up my weird predicament.I read somewhere that if you want the best advice from people you have to cover it up so that people don’t know what’s really going on..But I think I can trust you guyz with this one..Can I?I can trust you because I know there are a bunch of you both male and female species who are in the same predicament..Lol Welcome to the world of hearts comrades. At least you give me consolation that I am not in these trials alone. Now back top the real story. Are you ready to hear it?

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I met this wonderful male species some time earlier lets say like one year ago. From the day I met him, I liked him instantly. Of course not because he drove a car, had a great apartment and a great career..OOps did I mention that he is dangerously handsome?Anyway, back to my serious self..this guy is not only disciplined but is God fearing and knows where he is going in life. A woman needs a man with a vision above all else. He is the head of the house and how the hell will we know where we are going as a family if the man of the house is a dander head? On this point, I wish to tell my fellow sisterens kindly choose wisely..Not just the money and looks but what drives the man as I was once told. And a God fearing man is perfect. At least you’ll know that he won’t take you to hell and it will be hard(if he has a conscience) to cheat on you or do something wrong to you. And focused. He helps me a lot keep my focus and balance on many issues including my ambitions and dreams. What more could I ask for in a man than this God..Anyway, this is my dilemma. I know deep in my heart that the guy loves me a lot, you can see that love oozing on everything he does to me like a visible milky flow on something..He once told me that we had to be at the right place, at the right time and I wondered what in the craziness is this guy talking about?Am sure even my guy funs are going like what the hell is wrong with you dude?Exactly. Now, I am asking all of you especially men, what did he mean by this?What does he want me to do?Quit my job so that he would feel comfortable that its the right place, wait for him all my life till my hair turns gray and my entire body becomes like this skeleton poster I saw once of a woman who was so picky on men till she became a bag of bones?Gosh, my entire being can’t wait.He’s on my mind 247, am always thinking about the next thing I would want to do for him  or to him whichever will do at this point. What do I do?

In my opinion, I think such men and women who do this to other interested parties in their affairs..(by interested I mean those who by virtue of having feelings for them have made their intentions known that they want to be part of their lives) are really worse than sadists. Why would you let someone wait for you all their lives like a slave yearning fro freedom or a caged bird desiring to fly? My advice is try and give them a chance, maybe they are the best better halves you were waiting for and you will never know that unless you take a risk. Love is a risk my friend, just like any other business. When it happens,it happens so give it wings to fly and you’ll notice how beautiful it is because perfect love casts all fear and is willing to risk all to venture into a world of the unknown with a stranger who will forever find out that each day, they have something different that you should learn about them..Thats my thought..Whats your thought???

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