heeeelppp!!!am not a drama queen!!!

Am so sick and tired of how this name drama queen is being misused. Yesterday, I was chatting with my friends over the instances where they have been accused of causing drama. They all gave examples of various times when their so called better halves raised the issue as a concern and as a result were given a few warnings here and there that they should stop their drama. This is where I thank God that I am not yet married because frankly speaking I just don’t understand what it means when a man calls you a drama queen. So I decided to check in the dictionary just to grasp what the word means. Based on the dictionary, drama means and I quote,”an exciting, emotional, or unexpected event or circumstance”. Does it mean that drama is an exciting shout of celebration that women cause when things don’t go their way?  Kindly help me understand this concept and I would gladly appreciate. Mhhhh, am trying to think of the many instances in my previous relationships where I was accused of causing drama. First instance was when I was trying to ask this coach potato to gather life and get down with business. The stupid idiot got offended and went around spreading rumors about me that I was a drama queen trying to reorganize his life. So I asked myself, what did this guy want?For me to work all the hours that God sends while he sits around with the remote changing channels?Heeelll nooo. He was either going to style up or pack up. Unfortunately, he packed up, offended that I stood up to him and told him the truth. Maybe one day it will dawn on him that I was really trying to help and make him see the possibility of what he could become if he just put a little effort. You see, this is where men go wrong. What women like me want is a man who is a go getter and as the head of the family you really have to shape up.

This other instances where I was accused of being a drama queen is funny. The guy spent his entire salary on a stupid race car. I know even you, you right there have stood up to just marvel at this stupidity. The guy insisted that since he was young he always desired to have one of those race cars hence he opted to buy it. What resulted from me was a series of lectures to him. How could he?His parents were languishing in poverty, he had house rent to pay, he had a pile of debt knocking at his doors. What wake up call did this guy want to arise from his slumber?NKT..After this incidence and the long lecture, the guy slowly drifted away and began to see me as an enemy. I on the other hand did not give a damn. I told him the truth, nothing but the truth. It was the only thing that would set him free. When asked why he stopped talking to me, the guy simplified his answers by calling me a drama queen. LORD HAVE MERCY..but I was only trying to help, can’t anytime just take a minute and try to comprehend the reason why and whether if I deserve that name..

My friend Nancy(not her real name) also had the same trouble. Her husband, (who remains nameless )used to come home very late, has not left any cash and used to ruthlessly demand for food stating that it was his right to be given. this went on for a while until my friend really began causing fracas about this. The guy didn’t hear but continued giving a cold shoulder to his wife’s lecture’s. One day, on her way home, my friend heard his husband telling his friends that she was a drama queen because she refuses to understand his manly needs of hanging out with his friends and his need for space. Space?Doesn’t this idiot know that once you marry, there is nothing like space or hanging out till late at night. You have a responsibility and a duty which is your home. Kindly take charge and we’ll stay out of lives for good. Then maybe, you’ll find out that the name drama queen does not befit us at all once you live up to your responsibilities as expected.

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