I am really not into you

Its really difficult being a woman. Particularly being a single woman. Let me begin by saying if you don’t love, appreciate and know yourself, you will find it pretty hard to cope with this Nairobi Life. So I met this guy. Tall, dark and handsome but not a Sudanese if you may ask. Frankly speaking, he was and still is everything that a woman would desire. Great job, intelligence, acumen..goodness gracious and a killer smile. However, there is one particular thing that I seriously hated about this guy. It really put me off and I want to share about it.

Why is it that men of this caliber think that whenever you befriend them you are after their money or you are desperately looking for their friendship. This man, who remains nameless till God knows when I decide to reveal him, matches the description above. The guy for one is single but still keeps on pushing women away from his life thinking that they are after him. The worst part is how they treat women. Like garbage. As if you are supposed to fall down at their feet and beg for their loving affection..Me?Hell noo..(though my emotions are screaming, boy just give me a chance). I know many women can feel me on this one. You have ever been treated nastily by a guy who honestly¬†their ill actions make you wonder why the hell they would do that yet they have nothing of significance to brag about. Money comes and goes, looks…heheheh..lets wait to see you 20 years from now and you’ll see how a lovely kipara (bald hair) would have developed on that your hair..ooo and intelligence, one day a car will knock you down and you will soon be struggling to reckon all that past glory that you had..Worst still you may just loose what you have.

Who said its a sin to love someone? Who said that one should undergo such punishment from a man who is too high to know that what he has he has been given by another. You ask, why are women after me? I reply, ¬†why shouldn’t we be after you?Who the hell do you think will enjoy all that cash and that great personality if not some woman somewhere who will capture that heart of yours. Sometimes I feel like I can just open up the head of these men and shout a loud grow up till they wake up and realize that life is not always about you and the spooky people you think are after you money. Speaking of money, you are not the only one who has made it. Bill Gates has made it, Donald Trump has and many others who might make me fill up my precious space just trying to convince you to get out of that madness.

So my dear man, not all women who desire your friendship are really after you. (am so speaking about myself) lol..Some of us have far more important things to do other than droll over you the whole day and think about how you would make a fine husband and how OMG the skin tone would so much our perfect little bundle of joy. Lest I forget, your intelligence is really intriguing and I would love for my baby to be a genius like you..Did I just say that? I think you’ve caught me..I am and was still drolling over how much of a husband you would suit my pathetic single life!! Its just to be honest, your attitude stinks and from the way I see it, you will be single for a long,long ,long (infinity) time ..You can’t fight nature for long!!! Toodles


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